Hope Ranch

Mission Statement

Modoc Nation Behavioral Health’s (MNBH) mission is to infuse hope, heal trauma, and foster growth and resiliency in the community by providing education, resources, and behavioral health services. MNBH utilizes evidence-based practices and healthy connections with people, animals, and the environment to promote personal wellness.

About Us

Hope Ranch offers animal-assisted and nature-based interventions to youth and adults (5 years and up), native and non-native. The 60 acre farm in Fairland, Oklahoma is home to a variety of farm animals. The Hudson Creek runs through the land providing opportunities for fishing, nature walks, and more. Hope Ranch offers a small garden and many other private, safe places for sessions to take place.

Our Services

Animal-Assisted Therapy is the inclusion of animals and the environment in behavioral health services, such as individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Sessions may include the client, animal specialist, therapist, and animal.

Nature-Based Intervention is the practice of being in nature to boost growth and healing, especially mental health. With staff support, clients and visitors are invited to participate in nature through gardening, nature walks, fishing, low-impact ropes course, and other outdoor exploration on the property.

Benefits of Hope Ranch

Animal-Assisted Therapy & Nature-Based Activities Increases:

Self-awareness & self-esteem

Emotional recognition & understanding

Focus to the present moment

Ability to develop healthy relationships 

Development of social skills

Problem-solving skills & more

Ask us about the many other ways these interventions can benefit personal growth and wellness!

Our Providers

Modoc Nation Behavioral Health – Hope Ranch, is a PATH Intl. Center member site and thus follows specific industry standards. Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) providing individual, family, or group therapy at the Hope Ranch are continually receiving additional training, specific to the emerging field of equine assisted mental health.  Within PATH Intl, are specific equine assisted mental health standards, that relate to the inclusion of trained and certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning staff. The Equine Specialists assist the BHP with the horses and the client/s during an equine-assisted mental health session and will assist in facilitating certain activities and experiences. This allows for additional safety support during the therapy session for the client/s, horses, and BHP.

Alena Hallum, LPC

Clinical Supervisor

Alena Hallum is the Clinical Supervisor at MNBH’s Hope Ranch. She loves working with youth of all ages as well as their families. In practice, she pulls from a systemic approach, incorporating trauma-informed and strengths-based care. Alena has experience working with an array of issues, including ADHD, trauma, grief, anxiety, and relational difficulties. She leans on experiential elements within healing environments to allow clients to express and grow beyond their barriers, believing behaviors are symptoms rather than syndromes.

Allison Klasna

Behavioral Health Professional

Allison Klasna looks forward to serving at Modoc Nation Behavioral Health’s Hope Ranch in a nature-based environment and incorporating animal-assisted opportunities into the therapeutic journey. She enjoys utilizing a strengths-based approach working with youth of all ages and their families. She is trained in EMDR. Allison has witnessed the connection and healing that can occur in the presence of humans and equines and looks forward to individuals having the opportunity to experience this connection.

Kristy Chance, LCSW, LADC

Behavioral Health Professional

Kristy Chance is a Licensed Behavioral Health Professional and specializes in working with individuals 5 – 99 years old with issues related to trauma, anxiety, and depression. With 15 years’ experience, Kristy is trained in CBT, TFCBT, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, Problem Gambling, Couples counseling, family counseling, and Addiction issues.  Kristy is a Licensed Clinical Social worker and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. 

Paige Barker, LPC, RPT

Lead – Licensed Behavioral Health Professional

Paige Barker specializes in working with individuals ages  3 – 20 with issues related to trauma, anxiety, and depression. She is a Registered Play Therapist and is also trained in TF-CBT, EMDR, and Somatic Information Processing.

Jacob Crowder, LCSW

Licensed Behavioral Health Professional

Jacob Crowder specializes in working with individuals ages 5 -20 with issues related to personality disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression. He is trained in TF-CBT, CBT, EMDR, and Somatic Information Processing.

Michelle Galan, LPC Candidate

Behavioral Health Professional

Michelle Galan specializes in working with individuals ages 7 – 20, with issues related to trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, and depression. Michelle is trained in CBT and TF-CBT. 

Kristen Hurlbert, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Kristen Hurlbert is a Clinical Supervisor and specializes in working with teens and adults. She has experience working with clients with a history of trauma, depression, anxiety, as well as other life issues. She is trained in CBT, EMDR, and IFS.

Caressa Russell, LSCW

Licensed Behavioral Health Professional

Caressa Russell is a Licensed Behavioral Health Professional and specializes in working with individuals 8 – 20 years old with issues related to trauma, anxiety, and depression. Caressa is trained in CBT, TFCBT, EMDR, SIP, and EAMH.

Tiffani Harkins, LSCW

Licensed Behavioral Health Professional

Tiffani Harkins specializes in working with youth struggling with issues related to trauma, anxiety, and depression. She is trained in TF-CBT, EMDR, EA-EMDR, and Somatic Information Processing.